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Retire With Confidence

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Will you outlive your money, 

or will your money outlive you? 

Living off your assets can be stressful when markets are uncertain and your cost of living is rising. Retiring with confidence requires a reasonable belief that your wealth- and the income it provides-  will last for the rest of your life. 

We understand the complexity of investing and planning for retirement because we have spent the last 30 years guiding our clients through every stage. We help you create a customized plan to generate income, reach your goals, and maintain financial independence. 

About Us

Peterson Wealth Management is an independent financial planning practice based in Clearwater, Florida. Since 1993, we have been proud to be affiliated with Raymond James Financial Services, headquartered in St. Petersburg just twenty minutes from our office.

We specialize in comprehensive retirement planning and investment management for people who are retired or nearing retirement. Our goal is to develop meaningful relationships built on earned trust, accountability and integrity. 

As a father-son team with a long-term succession plan in place, we are positioned to help our clients and their families into the next generation.

How We Add Value

  • We help you make smart and informed decisions. 
    Retirees face a new set of financial decisions that will have long term consequences. We help you simplify the decision-making process and understand the ramifications so you will feel self-assured, empowered, and excited about your wealth.
  • We are retirement specialists. 
    Putting together the pieces that go into a retirement income plan takes specific training, skill and experience. We devote all of our attention to the latest research and investment strategies to address the unique issues of retirees. 
  • We help you navigate volatile markets. 
    In our 37 years of investing experience, we have seen it all. We act as your objective voice of reason and guide you through troubling times.  We help you understand the investments you own, why you own them, and how they are designed to meet your goals. 
  • We leverage the vast resources of Raymond James Financial.
    Our partnership with Raymond James provides you with user friendly technology, state of the art cybersecurity, and a full suite of financial services to meet your every need. 
  • We are your experienced guide to – and through—retirement.
    The confidence that comes from a long-term relationship with a trusted advisor is invaluable. The continuity of our family business ensures your financial advisor is still working long after you retire.

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Our Partnership With You

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Serving Your

Best Interests

As Investment Advisor Representatives, we have a fiduciary commitment to your best interests. 

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We avoid industry jargon and communicate in clear, understandable terms. 

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High Touch,

Personalized Service

We take an active involvement in your success and treat you with the attention you deserve. 

What You Can Expect

If you are a good fit for our firm and serious about planning for retirement, our complementary consultation will give you answers to four critical questions: 

Can you afford to retire? 

Are you overpaying your taxes? 

Can your investment portfolio be improved? 

How can you eliminate- or reduce- the risks to your retirement?  

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This 15 minute phone call to give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. 

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Discovery Meeting

The goal of this meeting is to get crystal clear of your unique situation, concerns and goals for retirement. 

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Recommendation Meeting

After we analyze your situation, we will explain exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals, including answers to the 4 questions above. 

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We seek long-term clients so we want you to feel great about working with us. We will never pressure or rush you.

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